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TCS Recruitment | Our Biggest Christmas Ever | Part Time Job


Christmas 2018 is set to be our biggest and best! 2018 as a whole has been an incredibly successful year for TCS Recruitment...

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TCS Christmas Giveaway!


The team at TCS are rewarding consistent and top performers over December with the launch of the TCS Christmas Giveaway ...

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#StartYourJourney this Christmas with TCS Recruitment


At TCS Recruitment we’re specialists in providing opportunities for students who are looking for a bit of extra cash over the Christmas period and into their second and final semesters of term....

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The biggest events. The best venues. All part of #TeamTCS


TCS Recruitment have built up a fantastic reputation over recent years with some of the biggest and most reputable employers in the United Kingdom. These partnerships have been key to....

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The Catering Industry - There’s more than meets the eye…


TCS Recruitment has built up an excellent reputation for providing countless opportunities for people across the UK to work in the Catering industry....

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Fresher’s Week events off to a flyer for TCS Recruitment


So far, the team have been on the ground and speaking with students at institutions in Birmingham, Leicester and London...

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Student Jobs, Career Development Case Study


At TCS Recruitment we’re big believers in career development and learning new skills alongside your studies. Our dedicated team is made up of staff...

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Five reasons why you should get a part-time job at University!


#StartYourJourney Contrary to belief, Uni life is difficult. Juggling assignments, essays, deadlines, exams and the added pressure of moving away for the first...

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An Employer’s view on part-time work


If you’re heading off to University in the next few weeks, you’ve probably heard a million times why it’s important to get a part-time job alongside your...

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