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E Learning


Now is a great time to update your employees training records. Keep your essential compliance training up to date with the help of TCS's online learning platform....

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TCS runs to show appreciation for the NHS


TCS Recruitment are charity fund raising this year for an amazing charity Get Kids Going. They help disabled children get into sport in many different ways such as providing specialised wheel chairs....

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15 Years of Catering Staffing Solutions


2020 marks the 15th Anniversary of TCS recruitment as an independent catering recruitment specialist. Originally operating out of Telford before expanding to Leicester, Birmingham and London...

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New Year New Job?


At the start of every calendar year we see an increase in interest and applications from people who are looking to take that next step in their career journey....

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Christmas Giveaway 2020


You opportunity to win some great prizes. ...

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Find your perfect Christmas job!


It’s no secret that the festive season is probably the busiest time of the year for the catering and hospitality industry. Therefore, it’s crucial that at TCS Recruitment we’re able to provide our clients with quality staff to help ensure their events are run smoothly....

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#TeamTCS ‘A day in the life of’


Over the past few weeks we’ve had hundreds of new applicants who are looking forward to becoming a key part of #TeamTCS over the coming weeks, months and years. Our team have been working extremely hard at the recent Freshers fairs across the Midlands and London areas and one of the key questions that cropped up at the events was, “what does a typical day for a TCS employee entail?”...

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Refer a Friend!!!


Looking for part time work or know someone who is? How many can you recommend?......

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Balancing your studies with a part-time job


University life for many is now underway and your new schedule, living arrangements and social life will now be falling into place. However, have you thought about you could potentially earn some extra cash and gain skills for your future career path with a part-time job?...

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Freshers 2019 off to a flyer for TCS Recruitment!


2019 has seen TCS Recruitment continue its progress to provide quality job opportunities to thousands of people within the catering and hospitality sectors. However, the Freshers period was always pencilled in as a key milestone to recruit lots of new members to #TeamTCS....

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3 reasons why Freshers 2019 is the perfect time to find the perfect student job


Freshers can be a daunting time for any new or returning student to University or College. There’s countless amounts of events, sign-up fayres and activities to participate in. With so much going on, it’s understandable that finding a job to balance alongside studying can sometimes fall on the backburner....

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It’ll be here sooner than you think. Find the perfect job to fit alongside your studies 


With the highly-anticipated A-level results day fast approaching, TCS Recruitment are once again gearing up for one of its busiest and most exciting parts of the year. The start of a new academic year at Universities and Colleges across the country......

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Where do you buy your avocados?


One of our clients which recently tried App based agencies, soon made the switch back to a traditional agency....

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App based recruitment – it’s not all that…


At TCS Recruitment we’ve worked hard to build up a reputation for providing quality recruitment solutions for thousands of people across the country. We’re always looking for ways in which we can innovate and modernise our processes, however it’s crucial that this doesn’t impact on the service we’re able to provide to our customers........

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4 reasons why the catering industry is a fantastic place to #StartYourJourney


At TCS Recruitment, we’re fortunate enough to have worked at the heart of the catering industry for a number of years. We have witnessed first-hand how this sector has evolved over time to keep pace with customers’ requirements and the fantastic opportunities that the catering world has provided for countless members of #TeamTCS....

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Some fantastic results in latest TCS staff survey


TCS Recruitment have a philosophy of interacting and communicating with their staff to help shape and improve their service moving forward. It’s this approach that has helped TCS continue to develop and grow at a time when...

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#StartYourJourney as a TCS Chef!


Are you a Chef looking for work in the Catering and Hospitality industry? Are you tired of working in the same kitchen at the same venue? Do you have ambition to experience new environments, new venues and new people?...

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TCS Christmas Giveaway | A Thank you to our staff


Christmas 2018 was an unprecedented period for TCS Recruitment. With a record number of staff taken on, and a challenging schedule of work throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays...

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TCS Recruitment | Our Biggest Christmas Ever | Part Time Job


Christmas 2018 is set to be our biggest and best! 2018 as a whole has been an incredibly successful year for TCS Recruitment...

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TCS Christmas Giveaway!


The team at TCS are rewarding consistent and top performers over December with the launch of the TCS Christmas Giveaway ...

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#StartYourJourney this Christmas with TCS Recruitment


At TCS Recruitment we’re specialists in providing opportunities for students who are looking for a bit of extra cash over the Christmas period and into their second and final semesters of term....

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The biggest events. The best venues. All part of #TeamTCS


TCS Recruitment have built up a fantastic reputation over recent years with some of the biggest and most reputable employers in the United Kingdom. These partnerships have been key to....

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The Catering Industry - There’s more than meets the eye…


TCS Recruitment has built up an excellent reputation for providing countless opportunities for people across the UK to work in the Catering industry....

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Fresher’s Week events off to a flyer for TCS Recruitment


So far, the team have been on the ground and speaking with students at institutions in Birmingham, Leicester and London...

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Student Jobs, Career Development Case Study


At TCS Recruitment we’re big believers in career development and learning new skills alongside your studies. Our dedicated team is made up of staff...

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Five reasons why you should get a part-time job at University!


#StartYourJourney Contrary to belief, Uni life is difficult. Juggling assignments, essays, deadlines, exams and the added pressure of moving away for the first...

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An Employer’s view on part-time work


If you’re heading off to University in the next few weeks, you’ve probably heard a million times why it’s important to get a part-time job alongside your...

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