Student Jobs, Career Development Case Study

At TCS Recruitment we’re big believers in career development and learning new skills alongside your studies. Our dedicated team is made up of staff who had a part-time job during their time at University. Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you a selection of exclusive case studies highlighting how a part-time job can be a great way to help you on your career path.

This week it’s Patrick Lawton, who is currently the Recruitment and Copliance Co-ordinator for TCS’ London branch.

1) When did you first join TCS and what was your first role?

 March 2015, my first role with TCS was as a Wine waiter at the Cheltenham Gold cup


2) What other jobs have you had with TCS before progressing into the office team?

 I’ve done a bit of everything, pot wash, waiter, barman, supervisor and manager.


3) What valuable skills did those jobs provide, which have helped you in your career?

 I’ve learnt a number of skills in these roles that I feel have proven helpful. My communication and team working skills have been great improved while working for TCS. It has also helped me gain experience of dealing with business clients face to face, which has proven useful in both my professional and personal life.


4) What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of taking up a part-time job alongside their studies, or is just looking for a way into the hospitality/catering sector?

 Taking a part time job at university is a very good idea. For myself the work I did part time while at university led into a full time job when I graduated. It also meant that I learnt a number of skills that are not taught at university that I always have in my back pocket just in case. For someone looking for a way into the Hospitality sector working for a company such as TCS is a great opportunity as it allows you to explore a range of job roles, and environments that one would struggle to find elsewhere.


5) What’s your most memorable/enjoyable moment working with TCS?

 Working at the British Gran Prix with TCS, as I’m a a big formula 1 fan so it was a great chance to work an event that I’d probably not get the chance to go to as a customer.