An Employer’s view on part-time work

If you’re heading off to University in the next few weeks, you’ve probably heard a million times why it’s important to get a part-time job alongside your studies.

‘Transferrable skills’, ‘experience’, ‘communication’, ‘professional development’ are all thrown around as reasons why, but there seems to be a missing link. Do employers actually want to see part-time work on your CV? Well, we’ve spoken with a Creative Director at a PR, Marketing & Design agency about what he’s looking for on a CV when it comes to hiring new staff.

Rob Barsby has been Creative Director at Shinx Creative for over 25 years and has significant experience in recruiting staff straight out of college or University.

“Fortunately, our industry is one that is extremely popular with students given the technological and creative aspects of our work. In my time at Shinx Creative we’ve hired a number of students post-graduation and have helped them develop in their careers.

“In terms of what I’m looking for as a Director going into those interviews, it’s not just the technical knowledge or expertise. It’s the extra aspects that are important and can really help make a candidate stand out. If for example we have a prospective employee who has studied at University and has all the qualifications for the job, up against a candidate with the exact same credentials but has work experience alongside their studies, then that shows to me that person potentially has more strings to their bow.

“Even speaking with my peers about their recruitment challenges has shown that what employers are looking for in candidates is more than just the academic qualifications, and real world work experience is crucial. And, this doesn’t have to come in the industry or career you eventually want to end up in. For example, a part-time job of any kind alongside studying shows to me that person is able to be organised, work independently, and has the motivation and drive to go that extra mile.

“All in all, I’m a firm believer that part-time work alongside studying is a fantastic way for students to gain new skills and ultimately improve their chances of landing that dream job post-graduation.”